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TruComp- KYB/Company Information/ Track GST

Know Your Business has the same objective as KYC in the sense that it is a way for obligated entities to assess and understand the AML/CFT risk that new and existing business relationships pose. The KYB process should enable firms to examine the entities that they are dealing with and help them to determine whether they are authentic or are being used to conceal the identities of owners for illegitimate purposes. 

Fast-track Know Your Business (KYB) onboarding/Company Verification with Emptra’s one-stop solution.

  • Pull Company Info

    Get Complete company Details in a Single Click, Pull Company MOA, AOA, COI from MCA

  • Track GST

    Track GST Data in a Single Click, Pull GST R1, R2, 3B

  • Risk CHeck

    AI enabled Risk Profiling, check Company's Ability to Pay and Intent to Pay

Where do you collect Data from?

We collect Data directly from MCA.

Do we need any special approvals?

Emptra does it all for you, simply plug and Play our product in your system and automate things as per your requirements.