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Emptra Provides Identity and Digital solutions to reduce Fraud while maintaining regulatory compliances. Automated tailor-made solution for customer Onboard, Anti Money Laundering, Video KYC and Identity Verification.

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KYC Verification API

KYC confirmation API is a significant process for each financial institution or the organization that need an API for KYC checks. This is the most fundamental identity that is required everywhere.

Documents issued by the Government of India, Aadhaar card, Pan card, and different documents contain data about Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, and different data that could be utilized to verify a person’s identity.

Bank Account Verification API

Bank account verification functions as an extra layer of safety for financial organizations to meet commitments in KYC, KYB, and AML. Without hampering the client experience, you can direct bank verification and data continuously. Emptra’s instant bank confirmation prompts a decrease in client drop-off rate while at the same time further developing the customer experience.

For bank statement verification, such records get downloaded straightforwardly from the bank’s online interface inner parts Emptra’s protected terminal. The information from the bank statement then, at that point, gets changed over into a machine-discernible Emptra document for ongoing choices and onboarding. The solution is not difficult to utilize and the consistent reconciliation makes Emptra’s bank check arrangement the main decision for banks, loaning and home loan organizations, instalment suppliers, and fintech.

Passport Verification API

Emptra’s passport verification API allows you to really take a look at the identity checking of onboarding clients with the Passport Verification information base utilizing Passport Database. We check identifications issued by Passport Seva, Ministry of External Affairs.

A passport contains data about the individual like his/her first and last name, sex, date, and spot of birth; a recognizing photo, the holder’s signature and frequently actual qualities, which comes exceptionally helpful for organizations to installed new clients on their platform. The passport has a great deal of safety highlights which are supported by the public authority, guaranteeing the validness of the individual, hence getting you freed of fraud applications.

Vehicle Registration Check (RC) Verification API | RC Check API for Enterprises

Vehicle RC Check Verification API assists with laying out a connection between the vehicle and its proprietor, in this manner limiting the potential for extortion. When matched with Emptra Private Limited’s Vehicle RC Verification API, one can make their onboarding journey consistent, seamless, and safe. Emptra Private Limited will deal with both digitization and verification API

Driving License Verification API

Numerous Financial Institutions are expected to confirm their customers’ Driving License. Emptra’s Driving License Verification API assists you with doing this effortlessly. This will assist you with deciding the authenticity of the customer while preventing any fake activities. Online Driving License Verification APIs permit specific foundations and entities to confirm their customers’ credibility is protected and productive. All we expect for this cycle are the specific certifications of the customer’s Driving License.

GST Verification API (Detailed Search, R1, R2, 3B, Entity Turnover)

If you have any desire to check Bulk GSTIN Number is legitimate or not you can utilize our Spreadsheet Add-on. Utilizing Below URL you can coordinate utilizing the GSTIN Bulk Verification Tools.

Or If you want to track GST Turnover, GSTT R1, R2, 3B then Emptra APIs would help you

TruAPI- AI Assisted APIs

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