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TruAML- Anti-Money Laundering

The purpose of the AML rules is to help detect and report suspicious activity including the predicate offences of money laundering and terrorist financings, such as securities fraud and market manipulation.

Monitor and screen all transactions in real-time to enable holistic detection of financial crime (AML & Fraud)

Protect the integrity and stability of the international financial system, cutting off the resources available to fraudsters, and making it more difficult for those engaged in crime to profit from their criminal activities

  • Screen Transactions

    Screen transactions using multiple datasets in real time

  • Monitor Transactions

    Identify Suspicious behaviour in real time

  • Identify a Fraud

    Notified before any Fraudulent payment

No-code rule builder

Provide compliance teams with the ability to react to new risks with a no-code rule builder

Streamline reporting processes

Stay compliant with global AML reporting guidelines and regulations.

Monitor 1000+ transactions in one Second

Spend more time investigating truly suspicious activities instead of sifting through false positives.

  • Use AI-powered investigation

  • Case management to uncover criminal Networks

How Does TruAML Work?

TruAML works on four parameters: Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer due diligence, Customer and transaction screening, Suspicious activity reporting.

Why should we have AML implemented?

Financial Institutions must create an effective AML compliance program that meets the regulatory requirements and manages money laundering risks. Failures in the AML compliance program can result in punishment by the regulators.