Passport Verification API

Emptra’s passport verification API allows you to really take a look at the identity checking of onboarding clients with the Passport Verification information base utilizing Passport Database. We check identifications issued by Passport Seva, Ministry of External Affairs.

A passport contains data about the individual like his/her first and last name, sex, date, and spot of birth; a recognizing photo, the holder’s signature and frequently actual qualities, which comes exceptionally helpful for organizations to installed new clients on their platform. The passport has a great deal of safety highlights which are supported by the public authority, guaranteeing the validness of the individual, hence getting you freed of fraud applications.

Id Document Verification API- Introduction
Passport will permit you to apply for training at different unfamiliar colleges. Aside from that, a passport can likewise go about as a personality archive inside your country. Getting a passport includes top-to-bottom police confirmation, yet you will hear that many individuals are being gotten consistently for attempting to pull off a fake identification. With our identification confirmation API, finding the right visa holder is as of now not a test. Our passport verification API is exceptionally solid and powerful. It is likewise equipped for working in different foundations where you require identification consistently.

With our identification confirmation API, you should enter your visa record number and the framework will find you the specific outcomes in regards to regardless of whether the visa has been given by the public authority. Our identification check API is being utilized by unfamiliar colleges, air terminal specialists and different associations that are expected to pass judgment on the realness of a visa holder. While the manual check cycle can be both disturbing and tedious, with an API, the whole interaction can be done inside a case and that too totally precisely.

Advantages of Emptra’s Passport Verification API
Hassle free –
Automating repeating payments disposes of the inconveniences and migraines continuing in latest possible moment manual payments. Also, it guarantees that the installment is made on time.

Reduce Lengthy Process – The intricate and tedious course of ordinary command enrollment requires no less than about fourteen days in length.

Real time – eMandate registration happens progressively, in no time.

Absolute transparency and upgraded efficiency – With how much time saved in eStamping reports, customers can deal with extra errands effectively and be two times as useful.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much time does the process require with the Passport Verification API?

With Emptra’s AI-driven online check handle, the whole course of identification confirmation requires only seconds.

Does the Passport Verification API have any prerequisites?
Id Document Verification APIhas just a single necessity. It requires a sweep or clear photo of the passport of the user.

How does the API function?
When the client inputs the image of the OVD (passport), it is filtered and AI-based OCR is utilized to recover the data. This data is gotten back to the system which utilizes it to approve the client and the records.

Is the Passport Verification API protected from data spillage?
Indeed. This API just actually takes a look at the info and recovers information from public authority data sets. It doesn’t store any of the data acquired. This shields the cycle from any data spillage or risk.

What information can be confirmed utilizing the Passport Verification API?
Every one of the information present on the identification can be checked by the Passport Verification API. This incorporates name, address and other information.


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