KYC Verification API

KYC confirmation API is a significant process for each financial institution or the organization that need an API for KYC checks. This is the most fundamental identity that is required everywhere.

Documents issued by the Government of India, Aadhaar card, Pan card, and different documents contain data about Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, and different data that could be utilized to verify a person’s identity.

Emptra API makes it easier for you!
API for KYC verification is a viable tool that has the ability to give productive outcomes with respect to identifying the originality of an Aadhaar card. The online verification API is easy to utilize and is very easy to understand. All you really want is the person’s details. Simply enter it, and within a couple of minutes, the outcome will be on your screen.

Advantages of verifying with our API for KYC verification
Register and Verify

Basically you need to enroll with an Email Id and Phone no or Login with Truegy for easy to use API for KYC verification

Prevent Fraud

The cycle will save any institution that has been and can be a victim of fake cardholders. Our KYC verification API assists with confirming it without any problem

Precise and Reliable

Our framework really looks at the information from the office. Hence, the outcomes are right and genuine with instant Verification through our AI-Powered in the Backend.

Organizations And Individuals

All public and private organizations, ownership firms, trusts, and other enrolled organizations can be verified and used our API for KYC verification

Live Data

Real-time information can be obtained from authorized organizations that guarantee modern data for verification

Added Trust

We ensure the complete security of how client data is stored, shared, and verified.

Fast, Secure, and Reliable

With speedy response times, complete your KYC cycle in a few minutes. Accumulate and verify information from government data sources continuously.

Frequently asked questions about

How do I check the credibility of the details through API?

The process of KYC verification is very easy. The Aadhaar validation API is very simple to utilize. You just need to enter the details in the Aadhaar API and the rest will be done by our Aadhaar card verification API.


What precisely is Verification through API?

KYC Verification through API is the manner by which one can verify the Aadhaar cards of some other person with next to no issue. The info that the user gives as Aadhaar number is directed through an online-based framework where the information is checked as per the public authority norm and subsequently, an approval explanation is given.


Why pick API for KYC Verification?

Aadhaar API is a framework that assists an endeavor with verifying the Aadhaar card of any person with the most elevated precision in record time.

How does the KYC verification API function?

The information that the user gives is directed through a web-based framework where the information is confirmed as per the public authority’s standard and then an approval proclamation is given.