Driving License Verification API

Numerous Financial Institutions are expected to confirm their customers’ Driving License. Emptra’s Driving License Verification API assists you with doing this effortlessly. This will assist you with deciding the authenticity of the customer while preventing any fake activities. Online Driving License Verification APIs permit specific foundations and entities to confirm their customers’ credibility is protected and productive. All we expect for this cycle are the specific certifications of the customer’s Driving License.

DL Verification API – Introduction
Driving License Verification API is a critical personality. It demonstrates that you are qualified, fit and prepared to drive a specific class of vehicle. In India, a Driving License additionally functions as an ID to check an individual’s mark. Driving License Verification is an absolute requirement for associations as it demonstrates the authenticity of the driving abilities as well as the identity.

DL verification API is a framework which assists an endeavour with validating the driver’s permit of any person with most elevated precision in record time.

The user enters the DL number, then that number is utilized to get the information from the backend, and thereafter the information is sent back to your framework which would then have the choice to utilize it to confirm the user.

Driving License Verification API is exceptionally effective, trusted and subsequently, is completely equipped for working in such organizations. Whenever you utilize our APIs for the equivalent, you simply need to enter the Driving License number and the framework will give you the outcome assuming that the Driving License is given by the government or not.

Advantages of Emptra’s Driving License Verification API
Easy to Use
Emptra’s Driving License Verification API has been improved for the best user experience. It is basic and easy.

Stops Fraudsters
With prime accuracy, our API will recognize fraudsters who attempt to utilize counterfeit Driving License cards or fake Driving License accreditations. We will guarantee your security.

Dependable Verification
Our framework checks all the data furnished with various MVD data sets delivering them genuine and precise.

Ongoing Verification
The information is recovered and confirmed inside only seconds saving you time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Driving License Verification API work?
The entered DL number is utilized to recover the information from the backend. This recovered information is relayed to our framework and used to check the client.

What are its necessities from a work perspective?
You just need the Driving License Number for this API to work. You can either enter it physically or you can transfer a photo of the Driving License and let our AI-based OCR filter it and recover it.

What amount of time does the check interaction require?
Driving License check requires a couple of moments with the Driving License Verification API.

What information can be confirmed utilizing the Driving License Verification API?
All information present on a Driving License can be checked utilizing this API. This incorporates the customer’s name, address, date of birth, and so on.

Will the user’s information be protected during the driving permit confirmation process?
This API doesn’t store the data it recovers. It just checks with the power information base and confirms. When the cycle is finished the information is disposed of. Customer information is protected.

Might we at any point get information on impeded and suspended driving licenses?
Indeed. With our Driving License Verification API, you will actually want to recover information on suspended, impeded, and substantial driving licenses.


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