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  • Bank Account Verification API

    Verify any bank account instantly with a penny drop.

  • Bank Statement Extraction API

    Read any bank statement and identify the fraudster.

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Bank Account Verification API

Bank account verification functions as an extra layer of safety for financial organizations to meet commitments in KYC, KYB, and AML. Without hampering the client experience, you can direct bank verification and data continuously. Emptra’s instant bank confirmation prompts a decrease in client drop-off rate while at the same time further developing the customer experience.

For bank statement verification, such records get downloaded straightforwardly from the bank’s online interface inner parts Emptra’s protected terminal. The information from the bank statement then, at that point, gets changed over into a machine-discernible Emptra document for ongoing choices and onboarding. The solution is not difficult to utilize and the consistent reconciliation makes Emptra’s bank check arrangement the main decision for banks, loaning and home loan organizations, instalment suppliers, and fintech.

Instant Check
Validate bank account immediately and gain admittance to account holder name as enlisted in the bank

Live Data
Real time data obtained from accomplice banks guaranteeing exceptional data on recently made accounts

Attest UPI ID Verification Wide Coverage
Wide Coverage Ledgers given by all open and confidential area banks as well as instalment banks are upheld

Added Trust
Oversee how client data is put away and shared. Installed clients with certainty.


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What are the benefits of Account verification for individuals?

Slow, wasteful, and inaccurate identity verification for account holders is baffling and can have huge results

What is Emptra Bank account verification API?

Emptra Bank account verification API permits you to utilize only one API to confirm your customer’s Bank account details. We incorporate with RBI authorized banks to give ledger verification service.

How can I manage this product?

Utilize our lightweight verification APIs to confirm financial balance data of your customer — to actually look at personality during onboarding, or to empower moves to the record. You can pick one of the accompanying modes to coordinate with bank account confirmation APIs.

How many numbers of banks, might I at any point do the verification?

The verification should be possible for all the a/c of perceived Indian banks including every public bank, confidential banks, and 126+ co-employable banks.

Why is financial balance verification significant?

Our Plug and Play incorporated a/c number confirmation API assists you with affirming financial balance legitimacy. By getting refreshed information, the gamble of character extortion and erroneous/fragmented information is decreased.

Is there any breaking point on the complete number of bank account verification demands each day?

No, there is no such breaking point. You can utilize the feature to confirm quite a few a/cs in a day 24*7.

What are the benefits of Account verification for merchants?

Checking account holders is basic for safeguarding purchaser information and the business’ standing. As the world turns out to be more digitalised, customers anticipate quick, effective, and prompt outcomes. If you require your clients to follow a long check process, the odds are they won’t keep close by.

Reconciliation SDK
Seamless integration the space of minutes with your current online interfaces, portable locales and applications utilizing libraries and API

Advantage of utilizing Emptra’s Bank Account Verification API
Decrease Operational Costs
Get rid of manual cycles of confirming account numbers before transfers.
No Failure Rates
100 percent achievement rates on bank moves and distributions when you approve the account information.

Most reduced Fees
We realize how high exchange expenses can go. We offer this API at right around no expense to your business.

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