Emptra is a platform that strives to create opportunites for organisations to connect with real and legitimate individual professionals.

Emptra is a one stop solution to all your employing needs, whether looking to hire or looking to be hired.

Emptra makes it easy for you to manage your(individual) information from employment history to social awareness activites, and make it easier for you to showcase all your positives and plus points.

Emptra enables organisations to better manage and administer their employees and potential employees.

Emptra makes it hasselfree for you/your organisation to access verified talented workforce from all over the country

Account Stats 100%

Learning Stats 90%

Health Stats 70%

Help Stats 70%

My Diary 60%

  • To connect individuals with the right organisations
  • To make it so that all professional data is just a click away.
  • To bring individuals and organisations as close to equality as we can
  • To empower organisations and individuals with better data managing abilities

A CIBIL score helps you get better access to credit products while an ET score helps you get access to better professional opportunities.

Accounting Stats
Accounting stats reflects a statistical report of your professional and personal skills, background verification and performance history. It provides a numerical representation of your past as well as present efforts.
Learning Stats
It consists of the aggregate data of all your academic endeavours. You can also link your educational institution's API with emptra for more accurate statistical representation.
Health Stats
Health stats helps you keep a record and gives out a statistical representation of your progress when it concerns the kind of lifestyle you're leading such as your diet, your physical activity and your mental health.
Help Stats
It provides a record of all the social welfare activities you have participated in. It also records individual social conduct that serves the people and the environment.
My Diary
My diary is a completely private feature for all Emptra individual users, it can be used to save your everyday personal logs or notes, you can also add photos and browse your entries using the calendar.

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